This is my first week going to he Basement. I have attended two bootcamp trainings so far with Sam and John. Aaron also is the one who showed me around and gave me the low-down about what the Basement is all about. So far I am very impressed. Everyone has been very nice, and even though I am new, I am never made to feel like a stranger. I'm someone who has been athletic her whole life, and currently have been working out at home. But my workouts have become stagnant and boring. But these bootcamp workouts have been anything but boring. I look forward to the next few months and how my fitness will progress. I'm not sure I'd get up for a 5:30 a.m. class anywhere else in this city though, that's for sure!

Shelley Kasunich Ahmed

I've been to a few gyms/fitness establishments over the years and I have to say that The Basement is by far the best. Every trainer there is approachable and always motivates and encourages every member. The classes available are varied, fun and always able to be modified to suit a person's needs. Training with Mairi the past 6 months has had me drop 20lbs but more importantly go from a size 24 to an 18! Mairi is always conscientious of my injuries ad builds workouts that make me feel strong and accomplished. I highly recommend The Basement to all.

Paula McLaughlin-Butcher

Probably the best place to workout/stay active in Sudbury. The staff are knowledgeable, helpful, and very friendly- they will make you feel welcome.

Excellent equipment, has turf which is great for athletes. Lots of fun tools to use that you won"t find at a conventional gym (sleds, tires, TRX, and many more). 

Fun and unique classes that are effective, too. This is great facility with great trainers for team training sessions (hockey, volleyball, basketball, etc). 

Definitely check this space out.

Lachlan Ian

Going to the Basement for my daily and weekend workouts is the best way to start my day! The staff are all extremely friendly, helpful, knowledgable and fun to be around! The full package gym that has a wide range of classes, bootcamps and special interest classes - always leave with a smile on my face! 
Definitely renewing my membership for a
full year when it comes due! Kudos to the staff - you Rock!

Chantal Lajoie

Friendly, Fun, Welcoming, knowledgeable, motivational. Best workout space ever!

Linda Faubert

Hands down recommend The Basement. Very well run, clean and well equipped gym. Trainers are all super knowledgeable and friendly. A supportive environment where beginners and seasoned people can train.

Trish Dee

My husband & I have been going to The Basement, off & on (but currently on) for about 4 years now , actually since it was literally in the basement on Regent St. Can't say I miss those stairs!! We love it!! Great atmosphere, great equipment and tons of encouragement and help. Everyone there great BUT a HUGE shout out to my trainer Aaron and to John for all your help with my nutrition plan!

Donna Holmberg

An absolutely amazing gym! Feels like one big family! Trainers are so approachable! Equipment is kept up to date, very clean facility. Overall amazing gym!!

Veronique Roy

I love The Basement.... I have been with them almost 2 years now and I can honestly say that the support of the trainers is incredible...Keep up the good work guys because you are the best...

Marielle Joly Dovgalev

The Basement Fitness can help you reach your goals no matter what your age or fitness level. With a team of remarkable trainers and tried and true workout methods, you will see results. Not to mention the endless encouragement and the feeling of a close knit family that gives clients the perfect atmosphere to WANT to train hard and be better than yesterday.....everyday!

Tracy Campbell

Great atmosphere. Great Owners, friendly staff. Went in for a couple weeks while I was in shutdown at Vale and they treated you like family.

Zach Leveille

Amazing gym facility! Knowledgeable, friendly Trainers! It's home to me!

Sally Lavergne

Aaron is knowledgable as he is handsome. I highly

Patrick Girard

It's a Great place to become the best you. Thanks for your help and encouragement!

Michelle Charbonneau

The Basement is the best ...Awesome support, inspiration, friends and more. Thank Yous many times over 

Lise Joly Brown

I love the basement the trainers are amazing!!!!

Debbie Hawes Geoffroy

Had a solid session while visiting family in Sudbury. Awesome facility. Can't wait to go back!

Lance Lavallee

Feel so comfortable here

Brad Nault

I've been a member of the Basement family for two years now. What started as a place to rehabilitate an injury, turned into a place of comfort and friendships. The Basement staff are able to customize workouts to accommodate any fitness level and adjust to your needs whether you are doing classes or working with a personal trainer. Everyone is always so pleasant as well as the other members of the Basement which make your workouts enjoyable. Five star to the Basement family! 



Best gym! Members are supportive of each other. We celebrate each other’s successes and encourage each other every day!

The trainers are amazing! Doesn’t matter which trainer is around they are all willing to help you out with questions or spot you if needed. Not to mention their kick ass classes! 


Nadine Methe

awesome people great place to work out

Francine Hebert

Best Gym! Awesome trainers and one big happy family

Ian Gardner

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Excellent training facility. No gimmicks approach.

Sherry Vendramin

Why I train at The Basement and why you should:

I’ve been with The Basement since they opened and I love my gym. Why?

. The trainers are very knowledgeable, helpful and approachable. They make it a point to get to know the members. Whether you have a specific goal or you just want to live a better lifestyle, they’ll get you to where you want to be. Hands down the best trainers in town

. Have an injury you need to be careful on what exercises you do? These trainers know what to give you so you don’t hurt yourself or set you back. 

. The members are fantastic. We are all family at The Basement. We support and help one another. When a person hits a goal everyone is just as excited as the person accomplishing it. 

. The atmosphere is positive, friendly and welcoming 

. The Basement is and always will be my 2nd home. It’s the place I get rid of my stress and refocus. It’s my happy place.


Just wanted to share a little with everyone
Most people know I workout at 
The basement fitness 
Can’t say enough about that place l just love it 
For the last 6 years I’ve been going and doing the 6:30 am bootcamp 
This year I added a workout with a personal trainer one on one with Mairi Campbell-Runia she keeps it real. Game changer 
So I decided this year to change it up a little. people often ask me about the classes that are offered and I can’t say much about them because I don’t do them. My gym goal for this year is to try all the classes 
Tonight was my first class 
Sam Taylor did an awesome job with the tabata class 
It was high energy and fun 
Great class for sure 
Look forward to the next one 
Just going to put it out there 
If anyone is curious about a class you are welcome to come try one out with me 
You won’t regret it 

Feeling basement strong 💪🏻