Cancellation Policy

Dear Valued Clients and Friends:

RE: Cancellation Policy

We thank you so much for choosing us to assist you on your quests towards your personal best, we also wanted to take this moment to remind you of our cancellation policy.

First off we want to let you know that this policy is as important for you as it is for us. A strong cancellation policy keeps you accountable and ensures that you keep your commitment to yourself. The reality is that for most people, exercise is either a chore or a time granted luxury. It becomes easy to skip your workout if you are feeling a bit tired, stressed at work, or need to take care of some things at home. However, when clients know they will be charged for a session if they don’t show up, it forces them to prioritize their health and fitness. It is consistency that ensures great results for our clients and we always want to put your goals first. We are the ones to make sure you do the things that sometimes you don’t really want to do, but know you NEED to do.

That being said; let’s review our cancellation policy.

The Basement Fitness operates on a scheduled appointment basis for all private and Partner Training sessions and thus requires 24 hours notice when cancelling an appointment.

No charge will be levied should a client cancel with MORE than 24hours notice given. Should inadequate notice be given, half of the cost of the session will be charged for that session.

Rescheduling of appointments within a 48hour window will be charged an additional 10$. Due to the fact most of our clients schedule well in advance, rescheduled appointments often mean the loss of an hour in training.

We know you appreciate our time and ability to schedule you for your sessions, we want you to know that we also value your time. Because of this we will reciprocate by offering our clients the same courtesy. Should we need to cancel within 24hours of a session we will offer the next one at half price. Also, should we need to reschedule we will also extend a 10$ discount towards your next session.

We hope this will help prevent any unnecessary changes to both parties’ schedules and will allow for everyone to receive the best service possible and continue seeing results.

We are thankful for the family we have here at The Basement and our clients are our number 1 priority. Thank you in advance for your understanding.