No mask

We are excited to welcome members back to the gym while ensuring that we comply with all government regulations and guidelines. Our member's safety is our first priority so we are asking that all members take on the responsibility of keeping both themselves and others safe by doing the following:

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Do Not Enter If: 

-you have traveled outside of Canada in the last 14 days

-been in contact with anyone who is awaiting results from a test or has tested positive for Covid-19

-you have a fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat or shortness of breath

READY STOCK Maxclean Sanitizer Spray (75% Alcohol) 100ML 免洗消毒 ...

Sanitize Hands Immediately Upon Entry

We also have many available throughout the facility

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Please Wipe Down All Equipment Immediately Following Use

Benches, DB's, Collars, Plates any Handles etc.

20-30 seconds is recommended before wiping sanitizer off


22" x 28" Social Distancing Sign

Remember To Spread Out and Respect Other Member's Space

Do your best to navigate the gym while maximizing your proximity from others. 

Gym Buddy – Never Train alone again


No Sharing Equipment

We know how excited you are to see your gym buddies, but please don't spot members of another household, share equipment or "work-in" without cleaning equipment.







Am I responsible to wear a mask? 

In accordance to Ontario's guidelines as of March 21st masks are not mandatory in the facility; however those more comfortable wearing one are encouraged to do so. In addition, remember that we have the ability to circulate air with our doors open (weather permitting), we also have the number 1 rated air purification system in Canada which will help with air quality/ventilation.

What have you done/are doing to ensure the cleanliness of the gym?

The Basement was the cleanest gym in Sudbury prior to Covid (our bias), yet we have more than doubled our effort to ensure that no surface goes untouched. Upon closure the entire gym was sanitized from floor to wall to ceiling. For our re-opening we have brought on additional workers to continuously sanitize high traffic areas/handles, we are cleaning EVERY piece of equipment immediately prior to it being put back and the entire staff is working ongoing throughout the day to clean the facility following a very detailed checklist.

Are the change rooms and showers open?

YES! We do ask that whenever possible please come changed and ready to workout. We do have a cleaning system in place for our change rooms; there is disinfectant in the change room so we ask that you disinfect the surfaces that you touch and we have have staff performing ongoing cleaning of handles and surfaces.

Are you taping off separate areas? How do we distance ourselves during our workout?

The unique style of training that we do requires the ability to move around. Because of that reason we have marked where we would like the benches returned to however they are moved constantly to open space anyways; our members have always distanced themselves because the exercises we do require space. We have spread our racks out, taped off TRX's and rowers as well as opened the gym floor up by moving equipment against the walls. This will make it easy for all to maintain 2m distance.