Aaron Sidenberg is a graduate of Laurentian University's Sport and Physical Education Program.  With a background in coaching, teaching and personal and team development, Sidenberg understands the dynamics of working people to their limits.


"It's all about building confidence.  I try to build a person's confidence up by helping them realize exactly what they are capable of doing.  My job is all about envisioning the end result and building the path that takes each individual there.  I take pride in all the bricks we lay building that path, the small accomplishments each client achieves in each session because I know in the end it's all those small steps that lead to the big goals."

Sidenberg's passion for helping people led him to opening his own training facility in the fall of 2010.  With a vision in mind and determined to succeed, Aaron quickly sought out his new home for training in The Basement Fitness in November of 2011.  Surrounding himself with an exceptionally talented team of trainers Sidenberg and his team are quickly building a reputation of excellence within the community.  

"Our goal here is simple; it is helping people achieve theirs.  Whether someone is looking to lose weight, build muscle, prepare for their sport or simply stay in shape with new challenges to keep them motivated, by having a team dedicated to their clients with a real passion to help others I know we will continually provide exceptional service with outstanding results."