Rise and Shine!  The best of what the Basement has to offer all rolled into one.  A great way to start your day with ever changing workouts focusing on full body strength and conditioning with an emphasis on core strength once a week.  Benefit from the group dynamic and push each other to the limits in what is sure to set the tone for your day!

Facilitated by Neil Cameron, John Hillier and Mike Owen, this program is designed to build upon itself.  Whether you are getting back into the swing of things or are a long time veteran, this hour long workout series is sure to take you to your threshold.  

Choose from 1 day a week up to 3 days a week to suit your schedule.  Sign up early as spots are limited.


1 day/week      50+HST/month

2 days/week   100+HST/month

3 days/week   150+HST/month