Neil is a very versatile trainer specializing in modifying workouts to specifically meet the needs of each and every client he works with. He has even worked with clients having physical impairments such as Cerebral Palsy, Severe Scoliosis and Paraplegia.  Neil has learned how to work with individuals with unique requirements allowing them to “take back” their lives. Additionally running several Boot Camps; ranging in intensity, from TRX, right down to Yoga. Neil understands that hard work is the key to getting great results. However, explaining “the why” is the most important method of teaching for him. After almost 3 years of “working out” Neil realized he was obsessed with the gym and being more physically fit; he had found his calling. Neil craved knowledge about fitness and the human body, which led him to obtain a Diploma in Health, Fitness and Nutrition, graduating with Dean’s (Highest) Honours. Neil now has been gaining training experience since 2010 and is eager to show you what you can really do if you set your mind to it.

 Neil has always strived for greatness, trying to be the best he can be, in any, and everything he does. Neil was taught how to work hard at a very young age by his mentor and hero, his Grandfather. He coached Neil in bowling, helping him become a National Champion at the tender age of 12. He also taught him to play many other sports, encouraging him that win or lose, the most important part is that you gave it your best. This attitude has allowed Neil to become a strong golfer as well, winning the Sudbury Junior Open at 16, representing his school as Team Captain for NOSSA, and winning the Club Championship at StoneHill Golf Club.

“All my life I told myself that I was going to start going to the gym, to become stronger, bigger, and just all around more comfortable with how I looked and felt. At 5’10” and only 130lbs, I took the initiative to take control of my body and ultimately, my life. I knew it was time to change how I looked and felt, on the inside and out. I have gained over 40lbs of muscle and completely changed my physique. With this new found confidence I feel great and am so thankful I decided to commit 100% to make the changes necessary for my success to date. Further, it has dramatically increased my flexibility and performance in activities which I am passionate about, including hockey and golf. The most exciting part of my job is that I am able to help motivate and safely teach others to follow my path, being a big part of the lifelong changes they are undertaking. With my passion and drive, together we can achieve the absolute best results possible!”