John has competed in nearly every type of race as well as sporting event possible. This broad experience gives him the ability to implement different exercises and different methods for each client- keeping it fun and challenging.

Since 2006 John has been personal training the general public as well as athletes. A graduate of Physical Fitness and Leisure Management, John holds his CSEP Certified Personal Trainer as well many nutrition and specialty designations. His ability to connect 1 on 1 with each client, and find the spark to ignite their drive is what sets him apart from other trainers. 

“Anyone can tell you that your goals are attainable. However it takes the right direction to be sure that you will accomplish them. Regardless of your fitness level, or the goal that you are training towards, there is a way to get there. The reason people fail is because of excuses and lack of motivation. My goal for every client is to find the joy in the journey to their goal. The direction, support, as well as motivation that I am able to provide to each person, as they specifically need it, is the reason for my clients' success. Although everyone wants to look better naked, there is something deeper that I aim to instil in my clients.

If there is something that has been nagging at your heart but you are unsure of how to do it, now is the time!”