“Educating clients on learning to enjoy the journey is my mission as a personal trainer, confidant and mentor.”

“To me ‘The Road Less Travelled’ on the way to physical fitness and well-being is a very personal one and no two individuals will walk the same path. I strive to cater to the individual needs of my clients, and share my enthusiasm for their success in achieving their goals, large and small.”

Mairi takes her commitment to your health very seriously. Never idle, she has completed courses in Powerlifting, Training The Elite Athlete, Spinal Anatomy Ailments and Injury Exercises and Third Age (senior) fitness, allowing her to customize programs specific to your exact needs. One of her greatest satisfactions is seeing her clients overcome their most challenging hurdles and achieve their personal goals. Her approach is to treat every client as an individual, and recognizing that their paths differ greatly from one to another. Growth is, after all, very personal.

Beyond her career of personal training, Mairi has been competing internationally in Olympic weightlifting, which has provided her opportunity to meet many of the best lifters in the world and experience the wonders of travelling abroad. She holds several records on both Provincial and National levels in 2 weight classes.

Mairi’s passion for training others, mixed with her love of Olympic lifting has led her to pursue and begin to train as an Olympic lifting coach. Mairi views Olympic lifting as an excellent means to enhance athletic performance in other disciplines, by way of increasing speed, power and flexibility.