Mike Owen comes to The Basement from Cambrian College's Physical Fitness Leisure Management program.

Thirsty for knowledge and experience before entering post secondary Mike completed a Swimming Instructors Course and many hours a week training, coaching and assisting at a martial arts club in Sudbury, Ontario.  While attending college, Mike finished his Canfit Pro Certification and now continues on the path for his career as a Personal Trainer.

"There is something intriguing about the human body. Every body runs, feels and reacts differently.  The differences we see from person to person is what interests me so much about my field. The fitness world is forever growing, and I find myself drawn to the complexities of how the body adapts to training and nutrition.  I find it motivating to create connections between the physical and mental state, and how this can drive individuals to find their personal best.

Today, I strive to obtain more knowledge from certifications to put under my belt and further my knowledge base of health and wellness. Each client has their own path and with that path I will grow as a personal trainer learning new ways of helping people reach their goals. 

The grind you must endure and the resulting smiles filled with pride a client shows after all of the hard work is over, that's what gets me to do what I do! 

At the end of the day, my clients are amazing friends and teammates. If you need a push or guidance for how to reach your full potential let's sit down and talk about the healthiest and best way to go about it. "