Sam comes to The Basement with a strong understanding of physical fitness after completing Cambrian College's 3year FLBU program.  A former competitive runner in both track and cross-country and an outdoor enthusiast, Sam's drive comes from his love of pushing his personal boundaries both physically and mentally.  Sam first decided to pursue his career as a personal trainer due to his passion for helping others realize their full potential.

"Helping people is something I have grown to love and do.  Through physical fitness, determination and your own perseverance my objective is to help you climb over the walls in your lives that stand in front of your personal goals.  Helping people get to their personal best, not only for a brief stint in time, but for the rest of their lives is something I strongly believe in."

Whether you are starting out or looking to improve a specific area of your fitness, Sam is a trainer ready to go the extra mile to ensure you get the results you are looking for.