Bryce has always had a love for training, trying to push and become the best version of of himself possible. He taught Judo for over 5 years, and was also part of his town's swim team. To advance in these two sports Bryce eventually found the weight room. This immediately furthered his passion for bettering himself and others around him.

Wanting to pursue and grow his passion for resistance training Bryce took the FLBU program at Cambrian College. He spent 3 years learning and gaining experience on how to stay healthy through diet, physically activity and proper exercise.

“I always thrive to train others to become the best version of themselves. My goal and job is to push you past what you thought you could or couldn't  do and to help you achieve your goals physically and mentally. I want people to believe the sky is the limit when it comes to bettering themselves, and that you'll only go as far as you think you can. You can do anything, you just have to get started.”