The Basement Bootcamp


Facilitated by John Hillier, Neil Cameron and Mike Owen, this program is designed to build upon itself.  Whether you are getting back into the swing of things or are a long time veteran, this hour long workout series is sure to take you to your threshold.  Choose from 1 day a week up to 3 days a week to suit your schedule.

$15 drop in per class (no sign up required!)

Rise Grind & Shine


A bootcamp designed to push your limits hitting all major movements, guaranteed to get the heart-racing and muscles pumping.  Focusing primarily on density and circuit training, you will get a ton of work done throughout the hour long session and will leave feeling that you have been pushed to your limit. 

$15 drop in per class (no sign up required!)



Here at the Basement we want to help you to be the best “YOU” that you . In order to do that we need you to commit to a goal.  Throughout the bootcamp, the training will focus on getting you moving, and keeping you moving in the right direction. All workouts are 1 hour long consisting of a thorough warm up, full-body resistance and conditioning exercises, cool down, static stretch and roll-outs.

Questions?  Email Sam Taylor at, or ask him in person!

$15 drop in per class (no sign up required!)



Give your kids the gift of physical literacy!

(AKA A lifetime of fitness and proper form and confidence inside a gym)

Unfortunately gym classes do not teach your children how to move with good form (not a knock on gym teachers or coaches). Too often we see kids being given pushups, sit-ups or burpees as punishments; what kind of a relationship with fitness will this teach your kids when it is acting as punishment?

Fight back against video games!

We have put together a program that will be fun, informative and effective in teaching kids how to do fundamental movements while creating confidence in a gym! This knowledge can then be used for the rest of their lives!

$15 drop in per class (no sign up required!) or $50+HST/month