The Basement Foundation

Officially opening the doors in December of 2010, The Basement has seen it’s fair share of struggles and hurdles to become what it has today. Like most of our loyal followers we were not without a helping hand to develop our dream, and we are thankful for having such a caring community that has allowed us to do what we love doing.

We are a family first and foremost. We want nothing more than personal success for anyone that walks through our doors. We believe in one common goal; being better than yesterday. Some things are easier said than done, but not this. Being better than yesterday does not mean that you have to pick up more weight every day you hit the gym. Maybe today being better means picking someone else up. Maybe being better means being the motivating factor that pushes the person next to you when they most need it. Maybe today isn’t about losing 1 more pound, maybe today is about losing the belief that you can’t do something. Being better doesn’t have to be hard, in fact when a whole community embraces the idea it becomes easy.

We at The Basement are incredibly thankful for our family. We are thankful for the daily support we receive. We are thankful that we have the opportunity each and everyday to do what we love do. We are most thankful for the opportunity to give back to the community that has given us so much since we first began.

December 2010 was our first milestone when we opened our doors. 2015 we are proud to announce our next big milestone, the introduction of our Charitable Foundation. The Basement’s Foundation will directly impact it’s local community by giving back to student-athletes at Laurentian University who exemplify the core beliefs we share. We hope that with our continued commitment to helping others reach their goals, in turn we will one day see others pass on the same goodwill to others.

Thank you to everyone that has given us the opportunity to give back and be…Better Than Yesterday.


The Basement Fitness