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Duration 45 minutes

Activity see name of class

What I'm in for a focus on circuit training that will leave you in a pile of your own sweat, feeling the workout for days to come

How in shape you'll need to be been a the gym for a while and ready to kick it up a notch

The verdict With a name like extreme conditioning first thing Sunday morning, be sure to approach the trainer with caution...there will be no need to poke the bear

9:30AM ROLL & RECOVER            
Duration 45 minutes

Activity Full body stretching/ rejuvenation

What I'm in for Roll & Recover is a program of self-administered pressure movements, revitalizes connective tissue important to posture, range of movement and general health.

How in shape you need to be Couch potatoes welcome

The verdict Despite the technical complexities, the workout is simple and restorative. You will learn to move your body in preparation for your workouts, static stretch as well as massage against a foam roller. Basically we combine massage therapy with being awesome and you leave feeling looser- #winning!
10:30AM ASS N’ ABS
Activity Core and Glute Work

What I'm in for The perfect mix of abdominal, oblique and lower back training to give you a toned mid-section combined with work on your backside to be sure you are ready for your next night out.

How in shape you need to be All levels beginner to elite

The verdict Get your beach body ready for the best shape of your life. Beach is season is year round at The Basement because we care about how your jeans fit!

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